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Zawiya's perpetual state of conflict

Violent clashes involving light and medium weaponry have become a staple in the western coastal city of Zawiya, most of the time in densely populated neighborhoods. The presence of organised crime looms large, with rampant instances of assassinations, kidnappings, and torture.

Libya-Nicaragua: Who's behind the new migration route?

After conducting site visits and interviews with officials, diplomats, airport personnel, and security actors in both western and eastern Libya, our team has uncovered exclusive details about a new migration route that could be backed by a foreign actor to create disruptions ahead of U.S. elections.

Why clashes look imminent for Libya’s capital

A second week of efforts to reach a peaceful solution to the ongoing tensions in Tripoli has failed. Neither of Libya’s rival groups have attempted serious reconciliation efforts until now, and within the past month, have depleted most mediators capable of helping.

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