Libya Desk is a boutique consultancy that helps businesses stay informed, mitigate risk and achieve results in Libya.

Our mission has always been to improve the way business is done in Libya and contribute to the establishment of a professional services industry that can support the country’s economic development. For the past five years, we have been doing that by conducting primary research on the ground, advising businesses on best practices, and publishing evidence-based analysis that can inform and support strategic decision-making on Libya.

The aim of this website is to serve as an essential resource for anybody seeking timely, reliable and nuanced insights into Libya's current affairs. It offers readers a mix of up-to-date news, in-depth commentary, and selected excerpts from our flagship Political Risk and Energy Insights publications. Catering to professionals, policymakers, and researchers, this site aims to support informed decision-making for anyone interested in Libyan affairs.

What This Website Offers

  • Expert Analysis: Dive into website-exclusive news and commentary, and in-depth analysis derived from our flagship Weekly Political Risk and Bi-Weekly Energy Insights publications.
  • Timely Updates: Stay updated with news, expert commentary, and critical insights on developments across Libya.
  • Exclusive Content: While not all the content from our flagship reports will be available, the website complements our existing services by providing news and commentary on smaller developments that might not make it into our regular reporting.
  • Subscription Services: Opt for our flexible subscription models, including stand-alone digital content access or as an add-on to our comprehensive business intelligence subscriptions.
  • Free Newsletter: Subscribe to our free newsletter for regular updates and alerts on new articles and special features.

Our Approach

We are committed to accuracy, nuance and depth above all else.

Our methodology is guided by four core values: impartiality, neutrality, Do-No-Harm, and confidentiality. These principles guide our editorial process, which blends primary data from interviews, focus groups, and surveys with thorough desk research and a robust proprietary database of events in Libya since we started reporting in 2019.

We are completely self-funded and receive no grants or support for our work. We make money by selling access to our informational products, including this website and our flagship “Political Risk” and “Energy Insights” reports, which have become a staple for business, international organizations and government agencies working in Libya. Occasionally, we're also contracted to provide expertise on specific topics – you can learn more about some of the projects we’ve worked on at the link below:

About — Libya Desk | Libya Research, Analysis and Consulting
Libya Desk provides research and project management services to help clients stay informed, mitigate risk and achieve impact in Libya. Learn about more about our work in Libya.

We put trust and integrity at the heart of what we do, which means you can trust Libya Desk to remain neutral and impartial despite the many groups, tribes, factions, or political entities that exist in Libya. This approach ensures our business model remains sustainable and that our content is of the highest quality.

Editorial Team

With a team of local and international experts, we tap into extensive networks and firsthand knowledge to bring you trustworthy and insightful news coverage. Our editorial team is the backbone of our content, ensuring that each piece of analysis and reporting meets the highest standards of accuracy and integrity.

How to Subscribe

You can sign up for our free newsletter to access a selection of free articles online and receive updates directly to your inbox.

For deeper insights and extended access, we offer several subscription plans, including:

  • the Essentials Plan for news and website-exclusive content;
  • the Political Risk Plan for in-depth analysis on topics related to politics and security in Libya;
  • the Energy Insights Plan for in-depth analysis and business intelligence on Libya's energy sector;
  • the Enterprise Plan for all-access coverage.

Whether you are looking for detailed reports or quick updates, our subscription services provide the flexibility and depth to meet your needs. For more information on these plans or to subscribe, please contact our editorial team at editor@libyadesk.com.

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