Shifting political tides set the scene for a volatile summer in Libya

The current state of relative tranquility in Libya’s political scene should not fool anyone, as there is a lot happening underneath the surface both politically and militarily.

For the vast majority of Libya’s political elites, nothing is set in stone. The country’s political strife is not one of different political beliefs as politicians generally lack any sincere conviction, non-negotiable position or clear project to speak of. On the contrary, Libya’s warring factions look, act, and talk the same that one might think they all belong to the same camp.

Currently, the only truth in Libya’s political scene is that Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dabaiba wants to stay in power at all costs, while Parliament Speaker Agila Saleh and Central Bank of Libya (CBL) Governor Sadiq al-Kabir want him out at all costs. The rest of Libya’s political scene is simply looking to surf the wave that ensures their political survival and pays their bills. Now that the tide is tilting in favour of Dabaiba’s opposition, the Presidential Council (PC) and High Council of State’s (HCS) leadership find themselves in a corner and may need to jump ship in order to ensure their survival.

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